Gift Reggie is one of the first full-featured white label gift registry solutions for Shopify. We know how much it can cost for a custom wish list and gift registry, it shouldn't cost more than your entire e-commerce site. This is why we've created Gift Reggie and why we think you're going to love it!



  • White Label

    Takes on the look and feel of your store without any design work.

  • Seamless Checkout

    Integrates perfectly with Shopify's checkout process.

  • Importing and Exporting

    Import registries from your existing registry system.

  • Email Notifications

    Automated and customizable email notifications to registrants and store owners.

  • Backend Dashboard

    User-friendly front and back end dashboard for you and registrants.

  • POS Integration

    Seamlessly integrates Gift Reggie online and in-store.

Our Pricing Plans

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* For an explanation of what 'Active' means, please see the Q&A section.




What are the differences between Registries and Wish Lists?

Registries are searchable, they keep track of purchases and inventory. Intended for Weddings, Showers, etc...

Wish Lists are not searchable, the url must be shared with friends and family by the Wish List creator. They do not keep track of purchases or inventory. Intended for Birthdays, Holidays, etc...

Can I add an 'Add to Registry' or 'Add to Wish List' button on each product page?

Of course, but you'll need to add a snippet to your product pages. See 'Integrations' under Accounts on the backend for the code.

What are 'Active Registries'?

Registries can be in 3 different status states:

Open: Before the event date. Available to public and the retailer.
Expired: After the event date has passed. Available to public and the retailer.
Closed: Based on the time limit set by the retailer. Only available to the retailer.

I have a brick and mortar store and want to keep all of the items purchased online at our physical store until the registry is complete, how can I avoid customers paying for shipping?

Create a 'Registry' shipping option on the backend of Shopify for $0.00. You can also add a Pop Up Message under Preferences > Emails & Notifications > Pop Up Notification. This message will appear to customer the first time they shop from a registry.

Can registrants be notified when purchases are made from a registry?

Yes, just make sure to set that up under 'Emails & Notifications'.

As the retailer, can I modify the Registry types available to registrants?

Yes, you must add the options under Preferences > Settings > Registry Settings.

Will items be automatically deducted from registries upon purchase?


What if the products go on sale?

Gift Reggie will automatically update the registries with the discounted prices.

Does Gift Reggie show the stock status of the items listed?

Yes, it will tell customers how many are left or if it is 'out of stock'.

Can a general message be added to all registries?

Yes. The individual registrant can also add a message to personalize their registry for friends and family.

What does 'White Label' mean?

For us that means Gift Reggie takes on the look and style of your site. There is no reference to Gift Reggie on the front-end of the app, leaving you with a seamless visual experience when your customers view your Gift Registry.

What does 'Custom Property Tracking' mean?

Gift Reggie normally works with shopify variants directly. Many customers with more advanced themes, however, may use Shopify line-item properties. These extra properites are order information that's tacked on to your order when it's made. Many advanced apps, such as "Product Customizer" use these to 'fake' additional products on your store. However, this significantly increases the complexity of registry management.

For customers who are using line item properties in their store, they may want to purchase a plan that can track Custom Properties, as this will enable to you to specify line item properties and additional meta-information on your registry itself.


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